Creased shirt in your bag this morning? Not anymore.

Shirt Shuttle works on a very simple principle.
If you wrap a piece of fabric around a curved edge, it cannot crease.
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the shirt shuttle is the perfect travel companion.
whether you’re cycling to work, flying off on business or heading out straight from the gym, its ergonomic design ensures your shirt stays clean, dry and crease-free. Stay smart on the move.

  • Patented folding board prevents creases
  • Lightweight at 515 grams
  • Compact design fits easily into any backpack/pannier bag/suitcase
  • Perfect for the Crease-Free Commute
  • Made in Britain
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How it Works

  • Crush Proof
  • Impact Resistance
  • Water Resistance
  • Anti-crease Edges

How to use the shirt shuttle

Its patented design utilises a unique inner folding board with curved edges - the key to preventing creases when folding the shirt.


Collar Stiffener
Grips shirt to assist holding
Protects shirt from the elements and crushing
folding board
Curved edges, around which the shirt is wrapped

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